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Call for Members#

Application due date: April 1, 2024

The HGVS Variant Nomenclature Committee (HVNC), one of HUGO's Nomenclature Standards Committees, is looking for new members. The main activity of the committee is the HGVS Nomenclature, the standard for the unambiguous description of all sequence variants on the DNA, RNA, and protein level (see The committee's Terms of Reference can be found on the HUGO website (, as well as the HVNC's annual activity reports which were also published in the HUGO newsletter.

Interested in the work of the HVNC? Willing to spend some spare time and join the committee? Please apply to become a member. Following our Terms of Reference, HVNC members should together represent interested communities, including gene/disease specific database curators, central repositories, clinical geneticists, commercial diagnostic laboratories, bioinformaticians, scientific journals, etc. Applications should include a motivation letter detailing relevant expertise and interests in HGVS nomenclature (max. 1-page A4) and a CV.

Applications should be mailed before April 1 to

Applications will be evaluated by the HVNC, and new members proposed to the HUGO board. New members will be appointed by the HUGO board. The term of membership of the HVNC will be for 4 years. Each member should attend a minimum of 50% of HVNC meetings over an 18- month period, otherwise they will forfeit their position.